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Your complain book

Welcome to this neohominidae segment.

With the intention of a primal response to day to day life and social responsibilities we invite you to spill some feedback about your relationship with clothing in general, but specially main concerns and aspects you would appreciate to be seen upgraded in a near future.

Even if this testemony is only for research and creative processes, you agree that your words and expressions can be displayed later in a public context, in a formal documentation of the projects process, overall, it is a collective diary.
Your personal data and identity won’t be used.

This iniciative promotes a mutual dymanic and reciprocate dialogue between the design and the user, therefore this form can be the starterpoint of a “long” term intersection of steps and different moments of trial correlating the public into the design decisions of our realm.

Thank you in advance for taking over the narative:

Let the classic yassification begin