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written in 26 february 2023


Porto, Portugal


Mainly based on living organisms each tipology of clothing will demand is necessities in order to live.
Therefore not only you are in control of the development of each piece but also the responsibily of offering the prime conditions.
factor you are in control based on cause and effect for formal and aesthetic reasons:

FOR SCOBY/ Texticel based clothing:
- Humidity factor will affect the texture and movement of the pieces. Moist it before usage for manageble flexibility and mobility;
- For buildable structured pieces, let it dry in the form wished. This is reversable by wetting the piece or section again;
- When dried, the fragility levels rise to 70% for cracks, since it achieves a “paper like” experience;
            - This aspect is based on density of the fabric, more likelly to happen on a thinner layer of SCOBY.

- If a rip/crack happens, no sewing is required, it actually worsens the situation over time;
            -  IHG offers a service of manual reparability and seasonal prep if needed. the scoby can heal itself with another life scoby;
- The piece is drawn to age, based on the absence of preservatives and conservants;
            - By the same reason, these no longer objects don´t necessarily follow your rules of consistency and mechanic rotine;
- In a context of renting, you know the piece is offering you an experience based on its life history and based on the interaction with the present subject;

- Based on the botanical species and caracteristics, each garden demands different frequency of hydration and light conditions;
- Our developping mechanisms are based on the roots growing on air, with a nutrient based water system;
            - That is what the ihg gardens are used to thrive. but you can always replant it on clay rocks or moss for water drainage;
- Botanical clothing is delivered in a bed of moss for traveling stability; 
            - By opening it you can either leave it in that already made conditions, or transplant it between uses;
- Be aware of development of unwanted visits of bugs and bacteria. Choose light and natural actions for those circunstances.

specific care based on species:
- There are plants that are easily propagates in water. In those circunstances you can leave the roots in water and change it once a week;
- Cactus and sucullents, are rinced once a month. instant effects wont be noticible. we recomend starter boost once arrived;
- A starter boost consists on the first time you personally intervine on the piece;
            - Set the garden on your conditions by wattering it and position it of a most fitting water and light properties.

- Microgreens, its harvesting is essencial for a long term use. Once fully grown, cut it. They also like water, moist it daily;
- Aromatic herbs and buchy plants, water weekly. Don´t use direct sun to position them;
- Flower bouquets, made with fresh cut flowers, will inevitably die, to delay it, make this piece float on water.

FOR BIOPLASTIC based clothing:
- bioplastics are like flowers, the closer they are to cold water, the better they thrive over time;
- warm conditions with acelerate the process of decomposition. try to keep it in cool places and moist it before usage or 2-times a month preferably;
- moisting it prevenes: chrinking and development of mold. It is reparable by leaving it in water for a day. considering it a refresh.

- made for temporary use, the piece will eventually change to being anusable according to user care and long term conditions;
            - The piece can be melted as a way of entering the ihg circular producing system.
- this plastic has shape memorabilia, the best way to customize it based on shape and body is by letting it sit on a form. a manequin for example.
           - if you let it dry folded, it will take that shape if not moisted afterwards.
- have this dynamic at your favor my delivereting back the piece to the ihg atelier. Circled back pieces prescribe a discount for following projects or piece new necessities.
           * based on the material usability

- the measures are applied to requests responded until the date of next official update.